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don’t eat the yellow snow



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concept, editing and design for the self-initiated book ‹don’t eat the yellow snow – pop music wisdom›.

the book lists 250 of the best songs for the times when solid advice is needed. the songs represent popular music styles from the last 50 years, from rock to folk and from punk to hip hop. it’s a collection of famous songs, but there are many surprises as well.

available worlwide at book shops and online, e.g. at amazon or directly at

update I:
the original drawings of the book are exhibited and on sale at concept store waldraud in zurich!

update II:
check out the accompanying blog

update III:
an additional postcard booklet with the title ‹get off the internet› got published in 2013.

press kit & hi-res images

format: 130 x 180 mm, hardcover
extend: 520 pages
author: marcus kraft
publisher: bis publishers, nl
isbn: 978-90-6369-288-9

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solo exhibition at sinka & weiss / art and the city, zürich, 2012:

group exhibition jungkunst in winterthur (ch), 2012:

all original drawings available for sale: 32 x 42 cm (incl. frame).
please contact via email.

get your weekly advice song on and instantly listen to it!

an additional postcard booklet with the title ‹get off the internet› got published in 2013.


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